It gives me great pleasure and privilege today to have been elected to the position of the speaker of the Mandera County Assembly. I am humbled by the enormous and the trust that you have bestowed in me.

Hon. Members I am honored to welcome you all to the official opening of the first sitting of the second Assembly of Mandera. Let me take this opportunity to convey my sincere congratulations to all Hon. Members of the House following your successful election.

Hon. Members, this Assembly is expected to perform its constitutional mandate as set out under Article 185 and 195 of the constitution and perform any other role as may be set out under constitution. Once again as the speaker of this House, I would like to assure you that I will uphold the principles of the rule of law. The constitution and Standing Order as I have demonstrated in my oath.

Hon. Members, you are expected to undertake your responsibilities to the best of your ability including, initiating legislative proposals, scrutiny of legislative proposals and bills, conducting investigation, public participation, committee enquire visit, oversight, fact finding, observation and recommendation on matters of public interest of House debate.

Hon. Member, majority of Kenyans and in particular the people of Mandera County, have high anticipation and expectation of devolution which requires your inspiration, guidance and encouragement. But It’s obligatory that the public be alive to the fact that devolved units will have to respect the principle of national and county government as stipulated under Article 10 and 174 and of the constitution of Kenya.

Hon. Members you are aware that devolution is one of the concepts in the constitution that has brought about a complete overhaul in Kenya system of governance. This is because it is a new aspect in the Kenyan governance system. It’s my aspiration to uphold the principle of devolved government as enshrined in Article 174 of the constitution of Kenya in the fulfillment of your undertaking to the people of Mandera County.

Hon. Members the task before us will require extra ordinary commitment, harmony and focus and the unity of purpose in performance of our constitutional mandate. Given the high expectation that the Mandera people have in the devolved system of governance. There is a lot of expectation of citizen of this county from the leadership of County Executive and County Assembly and which we need to fulfill to sprit of law without fear or favour.

Hon. Members as assembly I urge you all to approach your duties, to play your roles in your legislative authority, enhancing responsible governance and accountability to the people, respecting the principle of separation of power and your oversight exercise in county executive organs with dedication and sense of purpose for the common good.

We shall expect the county Assembly and the county executive to enhance mechanisms of fostering development, to enhance peaceful cohesion for our people. To ensure equity and diversity of all communities, and enhance measures to protect the inclusion and the right of minority in our county.

Finally Hon. Members, it’s my belief that this County Assembly will discharge its mandate on oversight, legislation and representation role to enhance our engagement for the welfare of our people. I want to assure you that I will protect the independence of this House where majority have their way and minority have their say. Thank you



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